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A sudden mourning brings a woman to the edge of madness. Funeral procedures, heat and a neighbor that comes to water the plants, come together in an emotional journey in which it is impossible to distinguish the real from the unreal.




Contest Winner INCAA - ANCINE
Official Selection Argentinian Competition 19º BAFICI 

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Press reviews


Singular, incisive, pierced by eroticism, humor and sadness, ... Remarkable work of photography, framing and editing. LA NACION

Niklison breaks the sketches and slides absurd comedy steps to build a proposal of the most interesting PAGINA 12

Niklison achieves her goal of building a story based on feelings that are born and grow like the green and multicolored flowers of that terrace TELAM

Vergel is a sensory film to immerse yourself and enjoy with all the senses. Each frame is a painting, there is plastic work in the visual construction that finds beauty where there is no ESCRIBIENDO CINE

The work with natural light that invades at different times of the day that department is prodigious OTROS CINES

Curious camera piece, mix of love story and botanical redemption MICROPSIACINE

Vergel, a proposal as poetic as philosophical SUBJETIVA

Vergel is a film of sensations EL RAYO VERDE

Solvent exercise on passionate delusions CINE PARA LLEVAR

A drama that avoids what has already been seen, disarming the closure and pain from the sensibility VISION DEL CINE

Vergel by Kris Niklison proposes to portray that duel, that lack, in an attractive and moving way REVISTA CALIGARI

The Argentine Competition has its most beautiful flower in the garden of the director and choreographer. FANDANGO

Vergel fully achieves it's goal of communicating the enormous journey that involves the mourning at the time of loosing a loved one ALTA PELI

In Vergel, Kris Niklison elegantly develops a highly stylized drama EL ESPECTADOR IMAGINARIO